NBA 2K17 Tips: Create The Ultimate Stretch-Four

With "NBA 2K17" in full swing, gamers once again has the chance to live their basketball fantasy through the MyPlayer game mode. Hence, for those who want to maximize their character's potential, read on. More: Gamers can buy NBA 2K17 MT online to make a finely personalized NBA 2K17 team.


There has been an influx of sharpshooting big men in today's NBA, with Ryan Anderson, Kristaps Porzingis and Dirk Nowitzki leading this category. In "NBA 2K16," stretch power forwards were not as effective due to stat vs. height restrictions that players had to plug in small forwards in the four-position. Now, there is a way to make a legitimate stretch-four following the step by step guide by Venture Beat.



First, select the power forward position and pick the strech big archetype. For those who are wondering if a center is more ideal, it is not recommended as the only rebounder of the team will also buy for position in the perimeter. Set the height to 6'11," anything more than that will negatively affect other key stats. This height is more than enough to rebound and contest shots. Set the weight to 250 lbs., then decrease the wingspan by a bit to increase shooting potency and athleticism.


Moving on to the attributes, boosting three-point shooting comes first. Once rating is at 70, increase agility, mid-range shooting and off-the-dribble stats next. Playmaking and rebounding would be the least priority as the character will serve as a finisher on the offensive end while the physical attributes will make up for the rebounding.


In terms of badges, players will only be able to acquire a handful and in this scenario, players will have to shoot a lot of jump shots to unlock shooting badges. Immediately upgrade to gold if bronze badge is acquired. In practices, skip the drills and go straight to weight room. Concentrate on vertical jump and agility ladder.


Most importantly, players should play every game and start executing what a stretch-four usually does. This will not only hasten the process of acquiring badges, but accumulating points to upgrade the character as well. Also, befriend Justice and the strength trainer for bonus attributes.


For those looking for locker codes, here are some of the freshest ones courtesy of NBA 2K17 news. Watch video below for other takes on stretch bigs.


For more NBA 2K17 tips and tricks, stay tuned to U4NBA. NBA 2K17 MT PC/ PS4/ Xbox One in store now, you guys can click for it.

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