NBA 2K17 Add New Celebration To The Game

This time NBA 2K17's MyCareer mode has returned, it's just like FIFA 17's story mode.




The marquee feature of the latest entry in 2K Sports’ beloved basketball franchise is undoubtedly the storyline attached to the MyCareer mode. Your created player is thrust into an interactive story written and directed by Creed co-writer Aaron Covington. You play the role of Pres, short for the President of Basketball, as you become a superstar – first in college, then at the Olympics and finally in the NBA.


And the soundtrack quite a bit more. Previous NBA 2K titles featured hip-hop heavy lists curated by Pharrell Williams, LeBron James and various club DJs.


This year, 2K handed the rains over to rock group Imagine Dragons, who put together a much more diverse group of songs from a variety of different genres. NBA 2K17 is a beautiful, deep game that soars above its nearest competitor. It also illustrates how far sports games have to go before catching up with the rest of the class.2k Sports have asked the fans to help the developers add new celebrations to their latest basketball video game NBA 2k17.


A manager from NBA 2k17 development team tweeted about his a few days ago. Chris Manning posted this tweet revealing the news to public: If you see any celebrations you'd like to see in #NBA2K17, use hashtag #SigNation. Post videos/gifs if possible as well. The developers did not mention how long they are going to take suggestions from the 2k fans but here is how you do it.


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